Hi everyone and welcome!  This is Francesca and Christina from SEEK Naturals.  HIIII!  Christina and I started SEEK Naturals back in April 2017.  We met each other at a party and instantly clicked.  We talked about skin care, nutrition, living in New York City and right then and there we knew we were meant to work with each other!  We would like to talk to you about how we got into natural living and how SEEK Naturals was established.  

Let’s start with Francesca.  I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  That’s where my interest in healthy eating, skin care and overall healthy living came about.  I was so interested in how it all worked and what changes needed to be made for my family and I to be healthy.  I started to look at all the items in my home from my food, to what I was putting on my body, to what I was cleaning with.  Boy, was I SHOCKED!  I didn’t know 90% of what was in each product!  I literally got rid of everything and went back to basics.  I started making my food, body and cleaning products from scratch using only items I can pronounce and knew what they were.  World of difference!  I dropped weight, skin issues started to go away and I felt better about what I was cleaning with.  I didn’t want to keep all this knowledge and these wonderful products to myself.  I needed to get this information out there…then I met Christina.

Talk soon!

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