It Takes a Community...

I’m writing a different blog post today…it’s about being grateful for even your shittiest days…sometimes they turn into some of your best days.

Yesterday, in Central Park, in 93 degree heat and 100% humidity, I had the pleasure of meeting Zach Skow of Marley's Mutts,  Aahd Kadiri and Billy of Baunji Strong.

Aahd is from Saudi Arabia and saved this beautiful dog named Naaji, who apparently was ran over by a car, paralyzed and left to fend for himself.  I got to speak with Aahd and fell in love with her instantly.  Her passion for rescuing gave me goose bumps.  She showed me pictures of other dogs and cats she has rescued and homed all over the world.  BTW-there are no animal welfare organizations in Saudi Arabia.  So people do this out of the kindness of their hearts.     

When I first saw Zach he said hello and gave me a hug…btw he gives the best hugs!  Zach is an animal rescuer and runs Marley’s Mutts.  He has the best soul and is such a passionate guy.  Zach has such an inspiring story.  He beat addiction and got a second chance at life.  I can honestly say he is really living his best life and in doing so serving others.

Zach and Aahd linked up through another rescue Bluemoon Equine Rescue that was trying to get Naaji over to the US.  Zach just did a campaign with Jockey and they stepped in to help facilitate as well.  I love when like-minded people all come together.  This is what the world needs…community.

I got to meet Billy from Baunji Strong as well last night.  Billy has such an incredible story about his pit bull Baunji who passed of cancer.  He realized after Baunji’s passing that Baunji left him the blueprint to help other dogs and their families with canine cancer.  We had a great talk!  Check out his story.        

I really enjoyed spending time with these amazing people.  I was having a shitty day yesterday and this goes to show you when you surround yourself with great people…great things can happen.  Thank you to all for spending your time with us…we appreciate it.  Till next time!    

Francesca DeCapita