Behind Every Successful Woman...

Honestly, being an entrepreneur and a woman at the same time is challenging.  Everyday it’s a different feeling, a different emotion and a TOTALLY different day than the last.  Somedays are wins and some days are losses.  But in each loss, I find something special…something worth fighting for each day.  It’s hard to explain exactly.  I want to quit, but then that little voice is screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO…you’ve come so far…don’t give up!”  Like telling me people need my help/products. 

I knew even when I was a little girl that my passion and purpose was to help people.  I just didn’t know how exactly to go about it.  I started to make food for people and they really enjoyed it.  I remember making chocolate soufflés and my friend Mat would literally lick his plate.  I was on to something.  I did enjoy cooking, but didn’t want to work in a kitchen as a cook or chef.  I started making my own body and cleaning products.  I enjoyed it sooo much that even when I was dead tired and I knew I had to make laundry detergent if I wanted to get my laundry done.  After getting all the ingredients together and seeing the finished product, I would be revived and ALMOST ready to do laundry…haha!  

There’s a special feeling in seeing your work from start to finish.  Almost like ‘did I make this?!’  It’s such a proud moment and that’s when all the failures and f*ck ups melt away.

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding...being a WOMAN entrepreneur is a BLESSING!  You get to do what you love and step out of your comfort zone at the same time.  HUGE growth!  I encourage people to work for themselves on the side as a second job.  Find what you love to do because the world probably needs it.

Francesca DeCapita